Hiking-and-corona-virus. Hiking-what-hiking.

Uncertain times.

You know what they say, all the best laid plans. Then life gets in the way. The corona virus pandemic came out of the blue, and really grabbed our attention. All off a sudden, the world was thrown into a nightmare scenario. My job as a London black cab taxi driver came to a full stop in the middle of march.

Nothing has happened like this in my lifetime. Hiking and corona virus aren’t the best of companions. Bob Dylan said, the times they are a changing. Boy was he ever right.

NHS Thank you

People throughout the world have lost there lives due to the pandemic, others are sadly facing a long road back to recovery. Tens of thousands have lost there jobs and unemployment is rising.

Sadly we have not found a way to live with covid19. We all have to put our faith in the medical profession, scientist and the drug companies. Children are not going back to school, colleges and universities are closing.

Lock down Begins.

The 16 March 2020 Matt Hancock the health and social care secretary, stood up in the house of commons and told the house we need to stop social contact. It was a week later Boris Johnston went to the nation and told the people that Lock down had begun.

So from that point onward, we had to stay home save lives. People are allowed out for shopping and exercise, from then onward that’s our new norm. No popping to McDonalds, or pub for a few pints of beer.


Well we have no choice now but to get on with it. We have to find things for us to do at home. Times are very challenging when you have young, children in your house or flat. Home schooling can be very difficult. OK if you have lots of patients. LOL

Older people have many problems being isolated from family and friends. How are they going to get the shopping, or just having a friendly person to talk to. The new norm going forward, is going to take some getting used to.

With the lock down an outpouring of humanity swept the nation. People rallied round, and showed huge acts of kindness and caring. The National health service as always stood firm and weathered the storm.

The nation owes a huge dept of gratitude to the NHS Doctors nurses, and everyone working in the NHS. They were put under pressure both emotionally and physical. Knowing what they know, then having to go home to there own families.

I feel so very sorry for the younger members of society. When we are young, we are in a hurry, to get to were ever it is we are going. Then to be told you have to isolate for a couple of months.

Young people leaving schools and colleges and universities, looking forward to starting there careers. Stop, put every thing on hold, for how long we ask. No one knows. Yes I do feel for them, but our young are very resilient and will come shining through.


The government told us to stay home, and only go out for collection of food or daily exercise. People were unsure of the rules and thought it would be OK to go hiking in the country side, or go to the mountains.

The police were out in force and having to turn people around. Hiking and corona virus was not going to happen on there watch.

The reason we should obey the rules are, if we are out in a remote place and we have an accident, the mountain rescue team have to be called out.

The mountain rescue team is a hazardous occupation at the best of times, without the added worry of the potential risk of catching corona virus. So come on people just think of others, and not put anyone else in danger.

The rules allow for us to go out for food and exercise, and not stray to far from our homes. In time perhaps the rules will be relaxed, hopefully.

Imagine this scenario, the very young and twenty and thirty somethings were the main people the virus was attacking. And there were lots of fatality. The older generation were acting as if it wasn’t happening, as it wasn’t affecting them so much

The younger generation would be up in arms. Can you imagine it, (can you.) And who would blame them, not me.


And as time has moved forward,) we have come out of lock down, what lessons have we learned. Not a lot it would seem. All through the summer, the beaches have been full in places.

When the weather turns hot, we tend to get in our cars and head for the crowded beaches with our children. And yes we don’t want to send them to school because of the virus.

Businesses are opening, and trying hard to put all safety measures in place. Some of us are taking absolutely no notice of the rules, that we all should obey. We all know how very difficult it has been, not being able to pop in and see our families and friends.

We do not need (reminding) there is a pandemic out there. (DO WE.) People are all in this together, some more than others, (I hear you say.) Can we change our behavior, because if we don’t we are putting peoples lives at risk.


Now there are more government restrictions on the way and people are starting to look over there shoulder again. People are all wondering, were will it all end. But life must go on. We will have to learn to live with the virus.

Sometime in the not to distant future, we hope our scientist will find a way to beat the virus, if not to contain it. From this day, we will just have to do the best we can. The world has faced many challenges before, and will come through this, I have no doubt.

With hiking and corona virus, the great outdoor hospitality industry has been hit financially, very hard. As with all industries, will take some time to recover. But recover they will, as we all look forward.

First we have to deal with the present and the problems it brings with it. Who would be a prime minister or politician, at this time, not me I hear you say. Everyone has an opinion on what should be done. From a people prospective, we just want our politicians to get a grip on this.

When there is a national crisis such as the pandemic the last thing the country needs is politicians all going in different directions. Perhaps the leaders from the main political parties could form a working party just for the pandemic.

Along with the scientific community and medical experts and agree an overall plan, that is in the countries best interest. Makes sense if all the main players were on the same team. The outcome would be less divisive and more coherent.


Looking forward, I have not been able to do as much hiking, as I would have liked this year, due to lockdown and an old injury. My wife had a full knee replacement operation in august, due to an accident at work. So not the year we had planned for our self.

I had planned to walk the coast-to-coast this year, but the pandemic put payed to that plan. I love the country side and have missed being out in the open. But we live in uncertain times, and will have to get on with it.

As autumn arrives, the leaves are falling from the trees. The weather is on the change, and its definitely getting colder. The main thing now is, to focus on is staying healthy, keeping our families safe. Let’s not forget our neighbors or any vulnerable relatives.

If we are to pull through this pandemic, we have to work in all our interest and not as individuals. There has been a big increase in people hiking, and doing other sports since the start of lockdown. Well done if you have come back to sport.

For those of you who are not into sport. The one thing that most of us have been doing since we were quite young, is walking, before we say what about disabled people. They do not let there disability stop them, look around your local community or on you tube.

Be amazed at the courage of people with severe disability. When we say I cannot do that, we are right. And if we say, I can do that, we are right again. We may not be disabled, but sometimes our thinking could be.

So come on guys and girls get up, off your nice comfortable couches and get moving. Do you think of getting fit, yet still do nothing. What sport do you watch on TV. Think of a sport you like, be it running cycling football or any number of sports.

I love hiking, walking, rambling, call it what you will. Hiking is a fantastic way to see the countryside, and our fitness levels will go up with every step we take. So what ever rows your boat, go out and enjoy yourself, you will feel better for it.

Since lockdown, people have had time on there hands, and not wanting to waste it, have been trying different things to keep themselves occupied. Some have hit on great ideas, and started new business, others have been into arts and craft.

I have painted my house inside and out, in between going for short hiking trips. So no matter what, don’t waste the time we have, thinking about doing something. Instead, go and do it. We have always fought if I only had time. Well now we have.



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