Hiking trail boots -were made for walking

Are you new to hiking?

Whenever people are going to try something new, it’s best to arm them self with as much information as possible. One of the most important things to consider is our feet, (yes our feet.) We all find out just how important it is if we don’t invest in a good pair of hiking trail boots. Anyone that’s been on a hiking trip, and endured blistered feet, will tell you how important it is to make this, the one lesson, you don’t want to learn the hard way.

Meeting friends.

Over dinner or in a local bar, the topic of where to go on holiday, and what to do comes up. Some of us want to go and slum it, in a five-star hotel with all the bells and whistles. Others want to go to the great cities of the world. Then Johnny pops up and says, how about we go hiking, gasps all around, has Johnny loss all of his senses. We all look at him in a strange quizzical way. Johnny has that effect on us.

I would like to do all of these activity says Johnny, lounge around the pool with a nice cool beer, good company, a great book, look forward to the evening’s entertainment. But we did that last year. Let’s go hiking for a change, It will be great fun, just give it a try. Where is your old pioneering spirit, come on at least Let’s have a discussion about it. So as the night wears on, the drinks are breaking down their resistance to the idea of going hiking

The discussion begins.

What about we do a tour of Europe, go see the great cities. Hop across the British channel to London. Have tea with the Queen. Both options are great, johnny butts in again, but what about we go hiking, this time not so many gasps. It just takes a little time for it to sink in. Then in the course of the evening’s conversation, it’s decided we are going hiking. Johnny gets an idea in his head he doesn’t let go

The planning begins.

Where to go. When to go. How to go. We are all in agreement. How about Scotland (no I want to go to Wales.) How about the Pennine way in England, (not going there). As I said we are all in agreement. By the time the last drinks have gone down we have reached a decision, Scotland (no way,) England, (on your bike,) it has to be Wales ( not in this lifetime.) Like I said we are all in agreement it’s off to bed. The morning after the night before, so it’s Scotland then, says Johnny. All in agreement say I

Well, it was a very late night, and we are all wondering what Johnny has got us into. But that is the type of way, that things happen when you’re with your friends over a few beers. Before you know it you’re planning on going down the local camping store for your first pair of hiking trail boots. Johnny said the first thing to do is wear in your boots. It would not be a good idea to get your boots the same day as you go hiking.Hiking trail boots

The excitement is mounting, you have got your boots, this is really going to happen. Whenever you’re going to do any form of exercise, it’s always best to take things slowly to start with. If need be, seek medical advice. Before going on a hiking holiday, it’s always best to get in some practice before the big advent. So start off by walking around your local area a few times. Each training walk go a little further

Pick a walk.

You meet with your friends, where else but your local bar, where you finalize your plans. You by now have picked a preferred walk, you know how many nights you will be away for. Where you are staying each night, ie bed and breakfast or under the stars. It’s always a good idea to let someone know where you will be each day, and stay in contact with home. The idea is to have a great hiking holiday in a safe environment.

There are a few things you can do to make your journey a bit more comfortable. By now hopefully you will have done some training walks, and put some miles under your belt, and you have got used to your new hiking trail boots. The one thing I always do is place a piece of fabric plaster where ever I feel I can get a blister. Were ever I think that my boots will rub. It has always worked for me,

Another little trick is Vaseline and plenty of it. when we are doing any form of exercise, we tend to perspire sweat, call it what you will. So anywhere you think your backpack straps and webbing around your waist will rub, that’s where the Vaseline goes, and plenty of it. I hope this will save you from the worst of blisters or friction burns. Now, what do we need in the way of equipment?

Essential equipment.

When you go on a trip and stay in a hotel, you only have to carry your bag for a short while. When you go hiking it’s a whole different ball game. We have two choices we can carry our own bag, or there are companies that will carry your bag for you. There will be a charge for this Service. So you have to decide before you go as to which option you want, and that will determine the weight you will have to carry each and every day. So Let’s have a look at some things that are essential.

Equipment list.

Warm hat.¬†Gloves. Waterproof windproof jacket. Waterproof trousers.jumper.socks. Hiking trail boots. Water bottle. Map. Compass.head torch.whistle battery charger. Energy foods. Multipurpose knife. Toilet paper. Lighter matches. That’s if you are staying in bed and breakfast. If camping out then you will need more, tent sleeping bag cooking stove.

Stay safe.

You now have everything you need to have a wonderful experience. Who you start the walk with, be sure to come back with. I hope you have a great experience, enjoy the trip. Best of luck be safe.


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