Hi everyone Welcome to Hikingjohn website. As a child growing up in the city of London, surrounded by concrete buildings and high rise flats, I had no idea of an outside world that was colored green

green Irish fields



I had my first look at the countryside when I was five years old. Our family travelled by train from  London on our first adventure.  Our dad was taking the whole family to Ireland for a holiday. Our relatives were having us stay with them on a small farm, not to far from my dads home town. We arrived late at night, so it was straight to bed.

What a shock we had next morning, awakening to the sound of chickens crowing and cows mooing. My brother myself and our cousin didnt wait for breakfast, we were staight out the door, like a horse up a tree.


As young as we were, we felt the wonderful sence of amazing freedom. It was as if we had been living in the shadows of the tall gray buildings. Now the shadows had been lifted, and as  far as the eye could see, the biggest bluest sky we had ever seen. The grass and trees were so very green. We ran this way and that, with not a care in the world, untill it began to rain. And it rained and rained , no wonder Ireland is so green

We played out until we were so very wet and cold (so cold). By the time we got back to the farm, we were caked in mud, wet through freezing cold, and very hungry. But never to be forgotten, the best time of our lives

Years later I never forgot how cold and tired I was, my clothes all covered in mud, my mum nearly having a fit. I decided to make sure not to be caught out in the open again without the proper clothing. I bought my first proper pair of hiking trail boots. and a warm jacket, I soon discovered a warm jacket won’t keep out the wind and rain, (so cold) again.

Too late when we have started

Over the years I have been on hiking holidays, You see people taking their families out for what they think will be a nice day out, it may start out that way, I have seen young families walking up the highest mountain in Britain. Ben Nevis. With not a care in the world. Just as we did as children. Its one thing playing on your uncles farm, but a totally different thing going up  Ben Nevis.We should always factor in the risk assessment side of life. It very well, one day help, save your life. So be prepared.


Our aim at HIKINGJOHN is to give the best information, on preparing you for a truly great outdoor experience. ON keeping safe on what clothing is available. Go out and enjoy your self, and remember to stay safe.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.





    • Hi Peter, in responce to your tricky question. Personly believe the best place is in your head. If you are having a bad time, you may want to be else were. On the other hand if you are having a good time, there is no better place to be. As you well know when hiking a lot of the time we are just taking in all our surroundings, we get lost in our own thoughts. So just enjoy were ever you are. To morrow you will be else were, perhaps abroad. Take care, and happy hiking. John

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